AI creating AI uses automated machine learning to prepare data and build optimized neural networks ready for service

See what software can do for you

Amplify your expertise – deliver better results

Get hundreds of optimized models software intelligently explores model parameter space as well as data space to yield robust models ranked by your chosen performance metric.

Get inferential components to replace missing data software integrates patented technology with primary model training data into components for missing data replacement when models are deployed.

Choose from multiple deployment paths models can be deployed in on-premises or cloud applications, or embedded in IoT microcontrollers.

Data Scientists

Use ’s powerful data preparation framework to clean data files for any modeling task. Let explore model hyper-parameter space so you can focus on more important tasks. Generate associations or affinity group using self-organizing maps. Gain insight into the influences of input variables for the models you create.

Business, Marketing, and Financial Analysts

Easily create robust and highly accurate prediction models to forecast future prices or other quantities. Easily create robust and sensitive classification models to differentiate behaviors or characteristics.

Engineers and Scientists

Easily create models for materials characterization and performance. Create robust models for autonomous vision and control systems. Develop empirical models from any data source.


Employ empirical models and simulations to rapidly explore alternative operating conditions. Use self-organizing maps and prediction or classification models to identify new innovations that extend existing capabilities or lead to entirely new products or services.

If you need advanced analytics that are easy to use – is for you

Best-practices automation for the entire modeling life-cycle

Prepare Your Data

Upload your data and start a Data Preparation job – we’ll prepare the data for modeling, a report will show the status of all fields, and components for replacing values will be created.

Create Benchmark Models

A single benchmark model trains quickly and shows the relative influence of input variables on model performance.

Start Model Factories

A Factory partitions data and tunes model parameters as it generates hundreds of models and ranks them by performance.

Put Your Models to Work

Run the best models using new data right on, or deploy models wherever they are needed.

Genetic algorithm optimization of deep learning neural networks

Hundreds of man-years of effort by mathematicians and engineers from Caltech, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh, and the University of Virginia have gone into algorithm and software development. software extends and enhances the world-renowned NeuralWare® neural network engine with additional genetic algorithm optimization and enterprise automation.
At its core, the engine comprises a proprietary implementation of feed-forward neural networks trained using Cascade Correlation. The engine also incorporates feature engineering through automated data transformations for better distributions of input values, and genetic algorithm driven variable selection of model inputs.

From our Users

" is a unique automated machine learning platform which uses neural networks and genetic algorithms to solve complex supervised and unsupervised data prediction problems. It hits the sweet spot in terms of user-friendliness as it is easy enough to be used by business focused-users and at the same time has enough customization options for more advanced data scientists."
-Data Scientist
“After reviewing most of the leading AutoML tools commercially available today, it was clear that is a leader in this new technology. With respect to neural networks, no other product offered the depth of automated hyper-parameter tuning, and is the only AutoML tool that I have seen that automates a model-based missing data imputation process to correct datasets with missing values.”
-Data Science Senior Manager